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Today we were so bored so remembering I bookmarked a certain activity which I know my son will be so interested at. Note to self: Do not underestimate toddlers, I never thought having such an activity will be so much fun for a two year old, I thought it’s going to be so complex thinking he is too young for a simple acid base reaction activity. But then again I embrace defeat.

Children are so inquisitive and very smart, remember the saying “curiosity killed the cat”, they get so over the moon when they see something colourful, bright and fascinating. At this stage you don’t have to explain anything as observation from the chemical reactions speaks it all. I am linking the original source as well to acknowledge where we got the idea from .


Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) (base)

Liquid watercolors or Food Colouring (we used food colouring)

Glitter (omitted that bit otherwise the little one will start eating it)

Washing up liquid

Vinegar (acid)

Glass Jar/ Mason Jar

Small Plastic Containers

Tray/ Plate


Fill the jar halfway with vinegar (acid)

Add  few drops of one colour of food colouring and glitters if using some.

Squeeze a dash of dish soap

Add baking soda, my son says bombs away and stirs crazily and screams whenever it foams out.

*the difference between the other acid base activity I posted is that the dish soap in this activity makes it foam rather than fizzle.

To make it change colours we poured a bit of vinegar and added few drops of the preferred colour and repeated the steps again.

*In the latter part of the activity my son discovered that he can put loads of baking soda and stir like crazy making it overflow and he loved it.

Wizard’s Brew

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Little Gardener

I’ve been a bit lazy planning my little son’s weekly activities mainly because I was busy planning for the barbecue party so to get by we had spontaneous activities which he really loved. First of all since Mr. Sun decided to show up we decided to experiment on water. Yes!Water!



little sprinkler

food colouring (optional)


wellies (because it can get so muddy)


Honestly, for us it may seem so boring but if you haven’t really planned anything then water will save your sanity! Watch it though the child may need help in filling the little sprinkler otherwise they get frustrated and will end up in tears, so to avoid all conflicts just give in as it is a part of learning too. Anyway a bit of independence won’t hurt us.

So I just let my little son-shine to water the plants and this gives you the chance to educate him about little insects and about flowers and plants too. That the insects are friends too and there’s nothing to be scared about, that the plants are like little babies that grows and flowers are like their brains that blossom if given the right amount of water. Just keep on explaining things to them and keep repeating it, we may think that they don’t understand what we are trying to portray but trust me little children are like sponges that absorbs all the information in a flash.

These activity will not only be messy but will very likely educate your child with various things and it will keep them away from the TV or any electronic device.


A child loves his play, not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard.

  -Benjamin Spock



So my little son is already two and it’s hard to keep him entertained as he really gets bored with things that we do over and over and over and over again. I’m not too sure if he got it from me or from his dad but all I know is I was like him when I was little. 🙂

Well to get started he can name the alphabets and count 1 to 10, he can basically play alone ( in the garden of course!), but always in the look out as one slight gap he always targets mommy’s beautiful plants. He is a clever little pea, so sometimes I make planned activities which works out well especially the chemistry experiments that we usually do such as the elephant toothpaste and the reaction of  NaHCO3 and CH3COOH (acetic acid).  

Now for a mom to explain that to a child can be very difficult obviously I cannot say, Hey son! here is an experiment of Acid Base Reaction- which is a neutralization reaction where enough base is added to an acid to neutralize it into a salt and water, then you get a paper and scribble in it writing:
A. CH3COOH + NaHCO3 ===> NaCH3COO + H2CO3
(vinegar)    (baking soda)  (sodium acetate)  (carbonic acid)
B. H2CO3 ===> CO2 + H2O
(carbonic acid)  (carbon dioxide) (water)
Overall:  CH3COOH + NaHCO3 ===> NaCH3COO + CO2 + H2O
(vinegar)    (baking soda)  (sodium acetate) (carbon dioxide) (water)

Compound Reaction – reaction where there are intermediates that are not in the products or reactants
Decomposition Reaction –  separation of a chemical compounds into elements or simpler compound

Exothermic Reaction – a chemical reaction where energy is released in the form of heat or light.

So how in the world can I explain the reaction to my two year old son? simple, as my partner’s advice be truthful and just tell him that it is what is it is and as he gets older repeat the experiments and explain further details to him in such a way that he can understand it, obviously you have to imagine yourself being in a child’s shoe rather than with a teenager (which is still a child in such a way, of course). Be careful not to bore the child as well.

I have been doing lot’s of researches on how to entertain my little boy but not all are successful of course! When all else fails, dirt is always the answer, basically I just allow him to dig and dig in the garden up to the point that he’s almost eating worms, not!

Also, since my partner and I are of different culture and origin and the only similarity is English we are struggling to teach the little one to learn all three languages. But this little man is like a sponge absorbing everything in a snap. So we’ve been teaching him few words per day Dutch- English- Filipino and vice versa, he gets confused by it all but he is really really coping well. You can see that when we ask him a certain word it clearly shows he is thinking because it takes few seconds before he responds, but in the end he gets most of it right, and we’ll keep doing it until he can speak all three languages or understand it even more.

I am really not good in categorizing activities but some of our activities I will publish for mom’s that are struggling to keep the toddlers entertained. I will keep you posted how it goes.:)

IMAG3310 IMAG3444 IMAG3459 IMAG3475

Here are some of the activities we do when all else fails 🙂

Flower picking

Nature trails

Shoot that coin


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