Wizards Brew

Today we were so bored so remembering I bookmarked a certain activity which I know my son will be so interested at. Note to self: Do not underestimate toddlers, I never thought having such an activity will be so much fun for a two year old, I thought it’s going to be so complex thinking he is too young for a simple acid base reaction activity. But then again I embrace defeat.

Children are so inquisitive and very smart, remember the saying “curiosity killed the cat”, they get so over the moon when they see something colourful, bright and fascinating. At this stage you don’t have to explain anything as observation from the chemical reactions speaks it all. I am linking the original source as well to acknowledge where we got the idea from .


Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) (base)

Liquid watercolors or Food Colouring (we used food colouring)

Glitter (omitted that bit otherwise the little one will start eating it)

Washing up liquid

Vinegar (acid)

Glass Jar/ Mason Jar

Small Plastic Containers

Tray/ Plate


Fill the jar halfway with vinegar (acid)

Add  few drops of one colour of food colouring and glitters if using some.

Squeeze a dash of dish soap

Add baking soda, my son says bombs away and stirs crazily and screams whenever it foams out.

*the difference between the other acid base activity I posted is that the dish soap in this activity makes it foam rather than fizzle.

To make it change colours we poured a bit of vinegar and added few drops of the preferred colour and repeated the steps again.

*In the latter part of the activity my son discovered that he can put loads of baking soda and stir like crazy making it overflow and he loved it.

Wizard’s Brew

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Recently, I have suffered a terrible blow in my relationship with my only found friend and truthfully I was devastated when we fell off, just because I failed to show up and help out in her son’s christening just because my own son is being unwell. I wonder has she lost her mind when she wanted to come over our house one day during her break and I refused to take her in for the reason that my partner is at home working and I have tons of things to do that seems so impossible to finish during the window nap time that day. But two months after the feud, after struggling a terrible feeling of guilt my crippled body is starting to recover, to my luck I saw her around Lidl one day and she said hello to me and I completely ignored her (bitchy I know) but I thought at the time that was the best thing to do. And so I tried to forget about her as my life cannot go around a person who only thinks about herself and not of others.

I am in a much happier position in life, I get fired every now and then when my little one is really pissed off me, hahaha! I know one day he said mommy pop-cake (rice cake) and I refused to give in and he said “You fired!” to my surprise I ended up laughing and so it seems, I have a supportive partner that gives in with the Garfield look just to get what I want lool. And of course my newly found friends in the neighbourhood.

I always had a hard time making friends with people simply because I was slightly traumatised by that friend (mentioned above), she criticizes me with almost everything her big eyes can see, and that includes my appearance. Now finding these new found friends, I am really happy simply because I can just be myself around them. Of course not to forget my old friends (not old, but my lovely friends whose been there all along) I just realise how important they are and how lovely to talk to them from time to time, we may not see each other a lot but when we do we really enjoy each other’s company and I am very happy around them.

So now, I managed to break the ice and our children playing together like Tom and Jerry, my new friends and I not only talk about the children but we talk about hobbies and skills. And we learn from each other by teaching her the things I am good at and so does she, it really feels good that friendship is a learning process too and that is a beautiful process because we grow together and not compete with each other. For now I think I’ll keep enjoying my new found friend’s company and of course I won’t forget about those friends whose been there all along and my friends whom I recently reconnected via the social media.

Here’s to our friendship! Cheers!:)


So my little son is already two and it’s hard to keep him entertained as he really gets bored with things that we do over and over and over and over again. I’m not too sure if he got it from me or from his dad but all I know is I was like him when I was little. 🙂

Well to get started he can name the alphabets and count 1 to 10, he can basically play alone ( in the garden of course!), but always in the look out as one slight gap he always targets mommy’s beautiful plants. He is a clever little pea, so sometimes I make planned activities which works out well especially the chemistry experiments that we usually do such as the elephant toothpaste and the reaction of  NaHCO3 and CH3COOH (acetic acid).  

Now for a mom to explain that to a child can be very difficult obviously I cannot say, Hey son! here is an experiment of Acid Base Reaction- which is a neutralization reaction where enough base is added to an acid to neutralize it into a salt and water, then you get a paper and scribble in it writing:
A. CH3COOH + NaHCO3 ===> NaCH3COO + H2CO3
(vinegar)    (baking soda)  (sodium acetate)  (carbonic acid)
B. H2CO3 ===> CO2 + H2O
(carbonic acid)  (carbon dioxide) (water)
Overall:  CH3COOH + NaHCO3 ===> NaCH3COO + CO2 + H2O
(vinegar)    (baking soda)  (sodium acetate) (carbon dioxide) (water)

Compound Reaction – reaction where there are intermediates that are not in the products or reactants
Decomposition Reaction –  separation of a chemical compounds into elements or simpler compound

Exothermic Reaction – a chemical reaction where energy is released in the form of heat or light.

So how in the world can I explain the reaction to my two year old son? simple, as my partner’s advice be truthful and just tell him that it is what is it is and as he gets older repeat the experiments and explain further details to him in such a way that he can understand it, obviously you have to imagine yourself being in a child’s shoe rather than with a teenager (which is still a child in such a way, of course). Be careful not to bore the child as well.

I have been doing lot’s of researches on how to entertain my little boy but not all are successful of course! When all else fails, dirt is always the answer, basically I just allow him to dig and dig in the garden up to the point that he’s almost eating worms, not!

Also, since my partner and I are of different culture and origin and the only similarity is English we are struggling to teach the little one to learn all three languages. But this little man is like a sponge absorbing everything in a snap. So we’ve been teaching him few words per day Dutch- English- Filipino and vice versa, he gets confused by it all but he is really really coping well. You can see that when we ask him a certain word it clearly shows he is thinking because it takes few seconds before he responds, but in the end he gets most of it right, and we’ll keep doing it until he can speak all three languages or understand it even more.

I am really not good in categorizing activities but some of our activities I will publish for mom’s that are struggling to keep the toddlers entertained. I will keep you posted how it goes.:)

IMAG3310 IMAG3444 IMAG3459 IMAG3475

Here are some of the activities we do when all else fails 🙂

Flower picking

Nature trails

Shoot that coin


Just a bit of sunshine

After breakfast I found myself sitting by the window feeling helpless as the rain swept away slowly, so gloomy outside despite of all these greens surrounding our house. Well yeah for a goat probably that will be heaven but for a “normally on the go person” this is unusual and boring. I ended up listening to Jason Mraz while wasting my time.

I guess if it was sunny outside I could have ended up walking outside and enjoyed my walk instead of hearing the grumpy child screaming and crying all morning. I am not sure why that child is grumpy and all, probably he needs a bit of sunshine too.

For the last few years, I had worked with interesting people but at the moment I am left with no choice but to contemplate what will be my career move, should i retain my job (which obviously will break me if I’ll leave it), start thinking far ahead as I am not alone anymore, I have to think of the little one’s welfare and GJ. Imagine yourself working all through your life and now you’ll find yourself straining your eyes in front of the computer thinking about your future career. 

Pregnancy has it’s ups and downs, emotions, career and finances. Sometimes you think the whole world supports you yet at the end of the day you’ll find yourself sitting alone and you feel helpless. 

I’m not sure if I’m actually ready to return to the workforce after having Lukie, but I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I think I should do, or where I feel that I should work. I’ve sort of come to the conclusion that aside from an environment that is not super stressful, location will play a big part in my decision. I know that I shouldn’t let my anxiety control where I should work, but realistically, I have to think about the fact that my anxiety has relapsed in the past, and I know moving towards the future that I can’t just stop working every time that happens. So, keeping that in mind, I know that it is important for me to find employment close to home (in walking distance, if possible).

Right now, I know I’m not ready to go back to the workforce, first and foremost I am still at the end stage of pregnancy which is taking its toll on me, imagine, you’ve been pregnant most of the year, everyone’s baffled about your crazy emotional rollercoaster ride and lastly the last stage is a waiting game, you just don’t know when will he come, you wait and it just won’t come out, leaving you anxious and so much in pain. Anyhow Luke should come out when he’s ready probably he isn’t ready to face the world just yet. And waiting is such a boring game, if only I can force myself to work until the end of the pregnancy I would love to do that but at the moment I cannot even waddle far, I cannot even stand long enough to serve my grumpy patients. 

I need to plan my daily routines effectively, from swimming to eating. I cannot limit myself from the corners of our house otherwise I will end up cooking, eating and cleaning as usual. I need an active phase routine rather that feeling helpless at home. Anyway, probably by the next blog I will be able to tell you how cute my baby is 🙂

Have a Gloomtastic day.