#Eva the Adventurer

Eva was written to support a very important cause and to help fund a cure for NKH (non- ketotic hyperglycinemia), it is a rare  and terminal metabolic disorder. The book was written by our good friend Elly Gedye which has a whopping 32 translations, 32!!!

By buying this book you are not only helping fund a cure but you are also making a difference. This book of all things is the most amazing book, no gender stereotyping and the child (Eva) can do whatever she imagines. It is fun for children and it is a fun read for adults too. Eva while pretending to play with her toys is imagining something out of this world. Its amazing how Elly portrayed the pretend play on the other page and coincides that page with another page with the child’s imagination. Elly is a proper genius making this book, because by making a toy the children grows out of it, but this book grows with the child and maybe we just really prefer books?. And as a friend (we met through my husband, whose Elly’s friend really, but I fell in love with her and her little family, they are awesome, right?) we are super proud of Elly, what do they say? It takes a smart person to solve a complex problem but a genius to solve a simple one. Elly and Sam are both. They are trying to solve a complex problem by fundraising and a genius for making a simple but extraordinary book.

The book also has easter eggs, such as the bus page, it says MGH that is Kai’s name (Mikaere Grant Hulance) and the numbers is his birthday. The destination of the bus is the place where the person lives (as for the dutch version that is, that is just a theory).  Anyway, some versions are not that perfect but two heads are better than one right? We spot a problem we tell her, one version is not better than the other. If the translation is not that perfect pardon me, but the English version is surely. But everything will be perfect in time 🙂

If you are interested, I hope you will and you are, the book is available in:

I will also include the link:



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we fell in love with him and you will too, that’s for sure


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