When Duty Calls

4 years, that’s the longest I haven’t been inside the dispensary, my brain was idling for so long, it’s a bit rusty, it has been so under utilised. But when duty calls we help out, even if we have to go beyond our comfort zones. The oath we took when we passed our revalidation at uni means nobody is left behind. 

I have always been a very helpful person whether I like the person or not. In helping it’s not about liking somebody, it’s about giving our hand to reach out and extend an arm when necessary. When duty calls we need to be compassionate even to the meanest of the mean, when duty calls it’s not about us but of others, it’s not about the money but the intentions of reaching out.

My weakness is reaching out, because I tend to think of what others thinks of me, I tend to be so weak when judgement paves it’s  way towards me, I tend to back down easily, but when duty calls I have to stand tall and face the music.

I love volunteering on things beneficial to others, beneficial to friends, beneficial to families. I love sharing my knowledge in the field I specialise with but when I experience set backs with work or just helping somebody, I struggle, I stutter,  I become the person I shouldn’t be. When duty calls I have to pick up myself and work my way amidst the set backs.

I hate being criticised, I hate being manipulated, I tend to self destruct, I melt down. I want to learn from my own mistakes and discover the solutions myself, I am a problem solver, I am a builder but with the strong points comes my weak points, I doubt easily, I observe and I over think.  But when duty calls I panic sometimes because I live in my self improved organised mess lifestyle.

I like experimenting, new looks, food, work, organisational skills, life etc. But I don’t really know what I want, I am stuck in experimenting and changing whatever is there to change, I tend to be so over ambitious and when I fail my world crumbles away. When duty calls I have to put my acts together and find the missing pieces.

A health care professional will be and will always be there when duty calls, whether we are in good condition or severely dilapidated by time. When duty calls we stand together and offer a helping hand and extending our generosity because we are brothers in arms. Nobody is left behind. No excuse to make up regardless if we are practicing or not. The knowledge will always be there the compassion should always be there. There’s one problem I’ve been noticing with some health care professionals lately, we forget about empathy and compassion. We forget about our values because we are so busy following the books. It’s been 4 years but my presence is felt in the community in my own special way. 

Write soon 😘😘😘😘😘


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