Best Man ever!

So G was in Holland for less than a week, day 5 on I got sick with goddamn fever and tonsillitis  (talking about timings hey). So I have no choice but to make that dreading call, please come home I’m having a moment, sorry I’m dying of a really slow death, I cannot look after the kids, I’m about to flat out.

I was so grumpy, tired and sick my son was looking after me. Nearly 4 years he stepped up and cared for me.

Here’s what he did: 

1. He got a wet towel put it on my forehead  (like what I do when he is feverish).

2. I carried A to her bed (for nap), I asked L to cover her tummy with a blanket and sing her a song, he did! I’m sorry I don’t normally ask my son to step up I was really dying.

3. He tidied his plate after breakfast and lunch.

4. Got me a blanket because I was super cold.

5. Got me cold water because he said I was looking horrible.

I cannot be any more prouder of my baby,  he is so amazing, I won’t take the credits because this is him. It’s all him, we just helped him mould his personality. There’s this saying ” what monkey sees, monkey do”. Maybe he sees it from us, we don’t know. 

So yeah, after hours and hours G finally got home and I felt slightly better, I was still ill but I drugged myself up. I was happy, all of us were happy seeing him, like yeah pester time!

So my family is complete again we can’t wait for my children’s beautiful and lovely oma to come.  And thanks to her G is finally home, can’t be any more happier. (*awww my throat is killing me!ugh!)

*so we had burgers last night normally I can finish a double burger my god I was halfway and I’m really sick because my appetite is gone. (Sad face).


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