Missing work

Wow, I really miss work, I miss venting my stress with my very very rude patients. I miss the fast pace of work, I miss the drugs around me, the scripts,  the keyboards ticking, the rush, the debates, the silly phone calls, the arguments, the advices I give my patients, I miss my old self.

I am regretting something, that I wish I saw the importance of my role in the community. I failed to see that during my tenure in the pharmacy, I suppose because I was fed up and just saw the gloomy side of it all, perhaps I was bored of my work, I have a wonderful relationship with my colleagues that even though I left ages ago we are still in touch. I am grateful of that.

I am not regretting having a family because they are my world and my all. But sometimes I am thinking what could have been achieved if I waited a bit longer. I had lots of work offers even post pregnancy, rather tempting offers, but money can’t buy all. Money can’t buy my children’s relationship with us, their parents.

I worked on a routine wake up, work, home, sleep, repeat. Wow I was never a routine sort of person until I moved in England and pushed myself to work harder without a proper balance in my life either I’m drunk or working or both (I meant hungover). I lived a rubbish life, dating after a heartbreak, and just working. But in between those rubbish times, I met amazing and interesting people. Not as interesting as G but interesting and amazing enough to keep as friends.

I had an awesome housemate, well funny, amazing and very caring. I really miss him, the banter, the meals we make together, the stories. I wish those times can be relived, he is one of the amazing friends I have, and it’s for keeps.

I had a horrible boss ,he froze me out of the workplace, which I helped him build, never paid a dime (a month worth of my wages) and just terrible. Good thing I came to my senses and found the most amazing boss after that. Gosh the ambiance at work is completely different than the previous horrid work environment.

I love my work colleagues it felt like my second family away from home, I learned a lot and grew my own wings. I discovered a lot from my profession and realised that I was busy loathing my previous job that I failed to develop my own career, my new boss helped me to fill the gaps, whatever is lacking to be an amazing pharmacist I can be, he pushed me to work to my limits and to learn new things, I am forever indebted, without the inspiration and encouragement I wouldn’t be able to achieve all of these.

You know what I miss London too the hustle and bustle, the fast pace of life but life isn’t about holding on, it’s all about moving forward.

I love all the experiences I had but I am looking forward to the future too.

Write soon 😘😘😘😘😘


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