Moana and chicken pox

So I guess we achieved another milestone, currently we are experiencing the wrath of chicken pox with the help of Moana. Yes! Moana is helping me to settle the grumpy children. Oh lordy!  Another day, another phase, another sleepless night.

How am I gonna survive this ordeal, is beyond me. But to take it one step at a time, crawling, rolling and walking really slowly..God I’m tired but what to do but to pick up myself and carry on. My patience is slowly wearing out, please I need to borrow more patience, I really do.

At least Moana is cheering my boy up and he’s singing away ‘you’re welcome’.

But oh boy, he’s tormenting me with mom this, mom that, mooooooooooooommmmm.. oh gosh! Little things mom, mom, mom I guess he was right when he said my real name is mom mom mom mom mom not AJ. Children, honestly you can’t and can live with them.

I can’t say I hate my life right now I sort of do and don’t but hey that’s life you gotta deal with it I suppose but the sleepless nights are getting on my nerves and I’m goddamn tired seriously I’m dying with a really slow death. But but buuuuuuut, at the end of the day when Lukie says mom you are awesome or sometimes he imitates the scene in Moana and he says mommy, mommy, mommy  (whispering behind me, in my ear) you’re amaaaazzing.. makes me really laugh and wants to hug him even more and no matter how tired I am I just really forget makes me really happy.

Oh this love and hate relationship makes my life beautiful and interesting.

Write soon 😘😘😘😘😘


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