Mr. Sweet face Attorney 

Oh the joy of being a parent….it comes and go! My son is 3 and won’t sleep without….his little baby, his obi wan the jellyfish, his rocket pillow, his big tiger, his baby tiger, his little pup and big pup..gosh! I am officially raising a hoarder here. He can sleep in his own room but..buuuuuuut! He has lots of requests before going down for sleep time. Maybe the first few requests are legit but hey mommy has another bubba to put to bed. Anyway, I call him Mr.  Sweet face Attorney for this very reason he finds loophole in everything! Seriously, he needs water, he needs a back scratch, he needs a wee, and the list goes on and on. Oh my sweet beejesus just sleep already. And he has a sweet face with respect to those requests.

It’s just that L has this crazy moment were he lusts for attention like seriously I’m not kidding he cannot get enough of me! He just wants to be next to me all the freaking time and I am becoming one of those mums ready to blend in..ladies and gentlemen (trumpet blowing) THE ZOMBIE MOMMY BRIGADE! Gosh I never thought il drink so much coffee after graduation from uni but here I am, officially a coffee junkie.

I just want him to sleep even just for one night, you see this is taking its toll on me I am desperate of sleep, really! He used to be a good sleeper until he had this suspected poxy (chickenpox)  thing and then the coughing, then the colds, then the fever, then the developmental milestones.  Why would it happen at the same time? Okay I’m exaggerating but I so wish we just get a break even a tinny bit.

Then during daytime I drop him off pre school he is all good good good until he gets home oh he gets rather irritable,  okay that’s a lie he rages like a madman. Why? He’s over tired,  why? He refuses to nap, why? I don’t know why! I’m losing answers here. But that happens at least on a really terrible day. Most of the time he’s good..

So mommy you are a pharmacist why don’t you drug him?(I often get that question from mombies  I know) You gotta be kidding me right?! I mean drugging a child? To tackle the short term issue of not sleeping? Instead of thinking the short term maybe we should think of the long term. Anyway, no I’m not drugging my child, that’ll be my last resort, really! But maybe he cannot sleep because he is anxious of something, maybe he is terrified of monsters, maybe he is just scared of the dark.

You see I failed to address some of his concerns (and no I don’t need criticism, thank you very much but keep them to yourself, it just doesn’t help!) But to give you the consolation I am gonna start as soon as. I’m going to make a monster poison spray (with water) and clown repellant (lotion) because I can! You see my boy is stressed out with monsters and clowns so maybe il tackle that concern first.

I know it’s crazy but I’m gonna try hard no matter how long it takes. We all have different parenting styles right?  Right now I’ll just do my zen thingy where I will sit and meditate and chant,this is just a phase, it’s just a phase , a phase, phase goddamit! How long does this phase last? Only kidding, il try to calm the nerves down ( a little ).

So now I have a plan in my head I hope it works if it doesn’t,  il keep pushing if it doesn’t work, then………………..good luck to my sanity.

Write soon🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

P.s he looks so tired here, really tired like falling apart sort of tiredness.


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