Outdoor play and exploration

Outdoor play is the most important part of my childhood not only because you get fresh air but because you get to play in the dirt. That’s right, we weren’t afraid to indulge with dirt and mud around us. There is no problem with being hygienic, there is no problem with getting dirty and sweaty, there is no problem in digging a hole in the sand. You see, children of today are scared of getting dirty, primarily because parents are scared of germs blah blah blah.

But I think childhood is a special and important part of one’s life that will be remembered forever. Also, the bond of parents and their children when they go exploring together. We are fond of explorations, we take the children outside and we get to play, walk, talk, explore and hang out as a family. I know these are the times when our children will remember the most. We let them be themselves, explore the nature around and dig in the mud, find a worm and examine it and back in the soil.

These are the most important times when they get to widen their knowledge, get to ask questions and embrace the obstacles along the way.

Who needs expensive toys or equipments just to entertain the children, nature is always out there waiting to be explored. By this way we are encouraging contentment amongst the young ones. I was watching my dear boy so happy and contented with a stick, by using it he got to dig, write, draw and use his imagination with it.

By exploring he got to find a flint stone and got to ask questions about it. It encourages communication between parents and children too. So what if they calls it cheap parenting, it may be cheap but the knowledge we are instilling to the children and the values they learn along the way is priceless. People can be judgey sometimes, we compete with each other and find flaws in everything but what is there to be competitive about? We have our own ways of parenting and spending too much money is not our priority but learning is.

Some parents I think spoils their children primarily because they are guilty of missing out on their children’s lives. The children grows up so fast and we spend so little time with them because we are focusing too much on being perfect and pleasing other people.

Children needs only little things, they don’t need expensive gadgets or toys, children needs love and attention, and trust me everything will fall into place and your relationship will flourish.

Please spend more time loving the children, they grow up too fast, spend less time worrying and wasting money when the only thing they need is love and attention.

Write soon 😊😊😊😊😊


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