My boy has a passion with singing, when I say singing I meant whole day singing, insane singing, make up singing, grumpy singing and rage singing.

When he is bored he sings, when he teases any of us he sings!, when he’s in the car he sings and when he’s a guest at someone’s house he sings! My boy is a crazy, funny singer. I don’t mind though it makes him more special and he becomes even more creative by doing so.

Since I’ve been learning ukulele, to encourage him I got him a ukulele toy and he serenades us by singing and playing the ukulele, although his timings are never right I still love it when he gives his all whilst doing it. When I say his timings are never right he wakes us up with a loud song at 6 am..It’s sweet but A can be a freaking grumpy in the morning and 6 am is not the right time to wake her up. 6 am gone are the days when I can sleep until 10am lool.

Here is a video of my sweet pea singing postman pat. šŸ˜Š

Proud of this little lad.

Write soon šŸ˜Š


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