Making friends

I rarely go out because I feel so guilty leaving my children to their daddy, having him work more than what he deserves. But I feel like I needed some time alone with friends for few hours every once in a while to reset myself and to clear my head from all the daily tasks I am facing. Gladly I went out and it’s selfish to say but I really enjoyed it.

I always wanted to hang out with friends past the children’s bedtime so babysitting won’t be such a hassle for the other half, plus I never found the perfect friends to hang out with until now. I have friends who are too posh, won’t do this or that, or friends that can’t get along with other friends, or friends who are not in the same wavelength as I do, or friends who are not cool enough to be on mommy night out.

I struggle with friends who are too posh, I love them but I’m never happy whenever I go out with them, it’s as if you have to watch every movement you do, or such decorum which I’m not fond of. Which means they are only up to expensive night outs, bless them but I am not happy being a social climber although I never was, hanging out with them is a struggle because you lose your own identity and become so pretentious to be in the social circle.

I have friends who are cool enough to go out but can’t get along with each other, bloody freak what’s the point of going out if you have to referee every now and again, seriously why can’t we just get along with each other. Ugh!

I have friends who are nice but not in the same wavelength as I do, meaning we talk about the children rather than other interesting stuff. I’m not saying the kids aren’t important they sure are but there other things worth discussing too. Sometimes if you want to reset yourself you just want to engage to some smart conversation rather than conspiracy theories lool.

I have friends who can’t simply loosen up one bit. They are too scared to trust their other half. What the hell is wrong with these people. Why have children with the person if you don’t trust them enough is beyond me. Honestly I just want to be with people who can loosen up, who are not too posh, or who are not such bum-holes.

And I found my perfect mates, I know I can turn to, I can hang out with and are cool enough to go social now and again.

These people I can just loosen up, untangle my very tangled brain and are supportive enough.

I hate to say sometimes I get to talking with the wrong friends then I feel trapped at the end of the day, I love making friends but if the friendship makes you unhappy detach yourself as early as possible. Sometimes when I see flaws or when I feel like I’m being embarrassed or are too rude then I detach myself politely and slowly.

I think that’s the reason why although I love making new friends I’m having a hard time getting in the circle because I never find the perfect people to hang out with, the only perfect person for now is my other half and my one and only best bud.

At least I have few cool friends who are not afraid to loosen up a bit and just let our hair down around each other.

Write soon 😊

P.s: the girls and I won a bottle of wine from the pub quiz woohoo super proud ! #teamvincent


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