Mommy of two

Pre- pregnancy I have always wanted to have another boy, not only for L, not only for my sanity but I have a deep attachment and thoughts that boys are easier than girls.

Post pregnancy though,  having two children, one of each, I wouldn’t change anything, I love as they are now. I love the little cuddles from A and I love watching L interact with his sister. Although tormenting at times, challenging at most times, I will not change the world for these two.

It took us a good 3 weeks to get used to each other and establish a routine. 3 weeks of tormenting, shouting, rage tantrums and love-hate relationship. After figuring the ins and outs of toddlerhood and babyhood it was bliss.

I love the afternoons especially L and I can hang out while we train for his bike, just go for a walk or just a simple trip to the playground, while A sleeps impeccably in the buggy. In that way those 2 hours of being out, getting some fresh air I can focus on my toddler. To be honest, I like him more now compared to few months ago when we were still in the getting used to stage. Before he was a very tormenting tantrumy little monster that won’t listen and just snap regardless of the situation. Now, he is a very calm boy way way better and FUN, plus I think because he gets lots of attention.

Oh oh those three weeks I felt like I was in a torturing chamber, both children attacking me on both sides, like there’s no tomorrow. It gets me, it gets into me all the time.  I feel like I want to explode hence the shouting and fracking grumpy looks. Oh those days I felt sorry for my poor self, I was helpless, it was lawless at home.

I cannot say everything is better we still have the occasional nagging and barking and I hate you bits, but when we all calm down we kiss and make up, oh those cuddles.. they are super!

L loves his why’s nowadays,  his reasoning is better than a missus, he has super bipolar moments but hey nothing you can do but to deal with it.

On the other hand my new baby doesn’t not at all, she screams her way to everything, like a proper madam. I’m not fond of screaming at 3 am when she deliberately unlatches and gets really upset,  I mean why on earth would you upset yourself? I guess only my little madam can answer that haha.

I got lots of grey hairs as of late, stress related? Or maybe just an early sign of aging, I can’t say I hate it it looks like I’ve been hanging out at the hairdressers to get that grayish highlights I’ve been wanting lool, who needs a hairdresser when you have two kids?! I mean seriously?! Where can I find time to do that? There’s not enough time in a day or is there? Honestly I don’t know, there’s seriously much to do, and there’s lots of time but I’m still behind my chores. I’m always behind with tidying up the clothes, before you know it, it’s time to do the next lot of laundry. Oh my, I guess I really need help… folding them. I promise you I try to finish it but as soon as I try to somebody is awake needs feeding, needs cuddles or let’s just put it this way..needs ATTENTION! ugh anyway I need to go now.

Write soon 👪💑


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