Creative Mom

For the past two years I have been worrying what to do whilst being at home. It’s very difficult to get into a hobby or engage myself to new things as my toddler is all over the place. And the only moment he stays in one place is when he is asleep, well not really.

Anyway, Now that I found what I really love I hope it continuously prosper and my crafting skills improve. You see I fell in love with sewing, and sewing and crochet together, or sewing and knitting too. I never thought that those skills can be useful to open up a shop well I’m so sorry I had been lazy and impatient for the last 2 years. I also believed in this saying, 75% of my life is spent wasting time. The other 25% isn’t nearly as productive for the last years but now I think I’m ready to be productive again, if you heard the song nothing can stop me now lol!

Just to share here are the links for my newly opened handmade craft shops. Please feel free to visit 🙂

Thank you!aj1


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