Awhile back a friend asked me what do you do? It’s pretty obvious I do pharmacy work as I have the suit and tag for it. If  we are in the war I am in the front line fighting.  Receiving, Dispensing, advising every detailed bits in the prescription. There is no room for mistake.

So tell you what, I asked her what do you think I do? She said you know you are in the pharmacy selling drugs (fair enough, I don’t do illegal my friends), standing the whole day, writing, pricing, cleaning, stocking, receiving deliveries. My ears went red when I heard her dumb response.

So here’s what I have to say, I’ll have you know my friend pharmacy work isn’t just about that, being a pharmacist isn’t just what you’re seeing superficially, let me detail it for you.

For instance you are my patient, okay client if you don’t get the meaning of “patient” seeing as you are too proud of your job. Client comes in the front desk, let’s say in the OTC counter:

1. Pharmacy Assistant checks the prescription, asks certain questions, such as Do you pay for your prescription?

> if yes, pay the amount

> if not, tick which state benefit are you on or exemption certificate.

-obviously you’ll give her the look knowing that you don’t know how pharmacy really works.

2. Assistant hands it in to the Dispenser/ Technician, preps the prescription, carefully checking it, quantity check, labelling it, double checking it against the prescription and signing her life away.

3. Dispenser/ Technician hands it in to the Pharmacist, the Pharmacist then checks everything from quantity to labelling, and signs her life away.

– If lucky the “client” will wait very patiently, but rarely we get those kinds of people, they want it fast like lightning, like they are ordering from a take away shop, everything is timed, everything is rushed, so if you cannot run, if you cannot walk fast, then pharmacy isn’t for you, mind you women are dressed up with high heels and all.

– If lucky enough grumpy pants will come back for it, otherwise if he/she decides to stay every move every thing you do is being watched intently like a hawk waiting for its prey, no room to be nervous or they will eat you alive.

-If lucky “client” will not moan, if they do, everything you do they moan and sigh about, so patience is really a virtue, but if and only if we are pushed to the limit one mistake we make can cost you a lifetime, so please be nice to us.

-If lucky when we explain, the “client” will listen about the use, interactions so and so of their medications, most of the time they don’t, forget about that, we still do it anyway, so if you don’t listen it’s your problem, we love to hear from you but asking us to repeat it over the phone is just so over rated.

– if lucky we might have all your medications in stock if not we are ready for the whining, remember we are not the grocery store that stocks everything up some we may need to order as we only stock up limited quantity.

Now respectfully saying my dear friend, a pharmacist certainly helps out in pricing as we do the computation of the prices against the C&D as well, we don’t go to work just to boss around.

You said standing the whole day? We sit occasionally, during breaks and when reading CPE or BP or BNF.

Writing? We love to write in fact we write about prescriptions, we write prescriptions, we make notes, so and so. We write about reports, business reviews and all sorts of things that can be written.

Stocking and the rest of your perception about pharmacy work, we love helping our colleagues, because we have to work as a team, we are family.

I’ll have you know my dear, Pharmacy is not a 1,2,3 job. You have to use your brains in which I think your one has been squashed accidentally or the cells just died out from not being used. You protect your valued job and I am proud of my profession as it’s not just a regular day job, it’s fun and full of adventures. I am not in competition with you but when you provoke me, let me think about that again:)

Please now that you read this (assuming) as I know you’ve been spying on me yet again, Please be courteous and nice to your Pharmacist and all the Pharmacy staff.

Here’s to your constant spying, I love it:)


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