Wizards Brew

Today we were so bored so remembering I bookmarked a certain activity which I know my son will be so interested at. Note to self: Do not underestimate toddlers, I never thought having such an activity will be so much fun for a two year old, I thought it’s going to be so complex thinking he is too young for a simple acid base reaction activity. But then again I embrace defeat.

Children are so inquisitive and very smart, remember the saying “curiosity killed the cat”, they get so over the moon when they see something colourful, bright and fascinating. At this stage you don’t have to explain anything as observation from the chemical reactions speaks it all. I am linking the original source as well to acknowledge where we got the idea from .


Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) (base)

Liquid watercolors or Food Colouring (we used food colouring)

Glitter (omitted that bit otherwise the little one will start eating it)

Washing up liquid

Vinegar (acid)

Glass Jar/ Mason Jar

Small Plastic Containers

Tray/ Plate


Fill the jar halfway with vinegar (acid)

Add  few drops of one colour of food colouring and glitters if using some.

Squeeze a dash of dish soap

Add baking soda, my son says bombs away and stirs crazily and screams whenever it foams out.

*the difference between the other acid base activity I posted is that the dish soap in this activity makes it foam rather than fizzle.

To make it change colours we poured a bit of vinegar and added few drops of the preferred colour and repeated the steps again.

*In the latter part of the activity my son discovered that he can put loads of baking soda and stir like crazy making it overflow and he loved it.

Wizard’s Brew

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