Few days ago I read this article from Daily Mail about stay at home mothers. There’s this “working” mother commenting that SAHM are brainless and lazy. I will not drop the person’s name but having that kind of opinion bothers me. Most SAHM attained certain degrees in Universities but being a stay at home mother is a choice. I can work full time if I wish to but that will be unfair for my child. I didn’t have this baby to be looked after by other people, I didn’t have this baby to be a stranger every time we are together, I want what is best for my child and I feel at this point in time no matter how many job offers I get the choice is to stay with him. I don’t mind being at the bottom of my career ladder because I know once I’m ready to go back I’m going to kick some ass. I admire mother’s who are working because that is a difficult thing to do as well, juggling between work and chores, we know how tired you are and hats off to all of you.

In my opinion, provided you are a good mother staying at home with your child will benefit but staying at home is not for everyone really. Some mothers do not enjoy being with their child/ children 24/7, ideally I would say a couple of days a week in a nursery and the rest with the mother, but I still believe children need their mothers to nurture them.

And people ponder why we now have a generation of children who don’t listen to a thing their parents say and do whatever they want because the parents themselves are strangers to them, and that’s what I’m scared of. Their upbringing is contracted out to a child minder or nursery that also looks after several children. Why would a teenager think they have to do anything someone who has seldom been there for them says? From a young age these children are dropped off before breakfast and picked up after dinner, if they are lucky they get to spend a couple of hours a night and weekends with the people they don’t really know because they spend more hours being looked after by someone else. I don’t understand people who have children to then give them to someone else to raise, surely your children’s upbringing is the most important in the world. Why bother getting pregnant if you have no intention in doing so? A child isn’t just a status or a symbol it needs nurturing and love.

To be fair this government has let the one important unit in the society down, and that is the family unit. I know that some people need to work to manage, but for others, how about cutting down? Some moan that childcare costs swallow their wages and often asks what’s the point of working? I say, why don’t you try to let go and let your job be taken by someone else who needs to be the breadwinner of his or her family – stay at home and raise the children who are your responsibility and not someone else’s. Some mothers whine about stagnating or not being challenged, simple solution: work from home, study, volunteer, chair the playgroup but please put the children first.

* I am not condemning any mothers who opts to be in the workforce I am just sharing my opinion. 🙂



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