Foil River and Soap Boat

IMAG3574  IMAG3568This activity is suitable for children aged 1+, it can keep the little one busy for hours. Because of the recent heatwave I have decided to keep him at home (in the garden, of course), with a diy sun shade made of blanket and yarn to keep him cool and to avoid heat stroke. Here are the materials that you need for this activity.

Aluminum Foil ( depending on the preferred length of course, you can cut it as you wish)

A bar of soap (no particular brand)

Cocktail stick/ toothpick (minus the sharp point on top, for health and safety)

a small piece of cloth (serves as a flag)


Basically you just have to raise the sides of the aluminum foil to contain the water, I advice that you elevate it a bit, good for the garden than is slightly elevated or uphill, as the soap can slide downhill, you can even have a boat race and the children will love it and adds a bit of excitement too. If it gets too hot please do not risk taking the children outside, make sure though before any outdoor activity during the summer 15 minutes prior to going out in the sun apply the sun block and then again every hour or two when they are outside playing in the sun.



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