Little Gardener

I’ve been a bit lazy planning my little son’s weekly activities mainly because I was busy planning for the barbecue party so to get by we had spontaneous activities which he really loved. First of all since Mr. Sun decided to show up we decided to experiment on water. Yes!Water!



little sprinkler

food colouring (optional)


wellies (because it can get so muddy)


Honestly, for us it may seem so boring but if you haven’t really planned anything then water will save your sanity! Watch it though the child may need help in filling the little sprinkler otherwise they get frustrated and will end up in tears, so to avoid all conflicts just give in as it is a part of learning too. Anyway a bit of independence won’t hurt us.

So I just let my little son-shine to water the plants and this gives you the chance to educate him about little insects and about flowers and plants too. That the insects are friends too and there’s nothing to be scared about, that the plants are like little babies that grows and flowers are like their brains that blossom if given the right amount of water. Just keep on explaining things to them and keep repeating it, we may think that they don’t understand what we are trying to portray but trust me little children are like sponges that absorbs all the information in a flash.

These activity will not only be messy but will very likely educate your child with various things and it will keep them away from the TV or any electronic device.


A child loves his play, not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard.

  -Benjamin Spock



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