Tolerable (terrible) Two

It has been a long time since I wrote my last blog or so it seems. My little sir is turning two on Sunday and my my the Terrible Two stage has come and came really fast. I feel like it’s the most anticipated milestone in my motherhood more than the first few milestones Luke has achieved. The tantrauming that I thought once worst is really not it and now bracing myself for a catastrophe, yes! I called it catastrophe. Funny it seems that I spent much time teaching him to walk and now I wish I never did that, well sometimes. At my age now young as it seems and old as I get I sometimes cannot keep up with all the energy lingering in his tiny body. He is filled with energy that sometimes I end up with a narrow breath as though I just got out of the ICU. His cute little voice when he says mummy is so like music in my ears and yet hearing it 1 million times in one day makes you wonder, what will happen if I just left him without words to learn or better yet speak. He is like a parrot that he has to repeat words I teach him more than a dozen times, yet at the end of the day I am beaming with pride as my son may be grumpy and tantraumy at most times is so clever as a button.

We moved to a newer house on Friday, as there were a lot of things going on, in the morning of our check in, he patiently waited for the estate agents to finish the inspection in the new property so he can play in the garden with his little precious car, and so the story goes on. In my crazy mind I forgot his lunch and so I was forced to get him crap lunch made by Mr. Kentucky, as I got in the car he patiently waited until I settled in and gave him his lunch, how cute is this little smile I thought, 3 minutes on I gave him his chicken (which he calls kungi, god knows why) he finished it and ready to devour another piece and he proudly said, “mommy sitty (patting on the extra space next to him) he said huggy mommy, mommy try (putting a piece of chicken in my mouth) ” I almost cried as his innocent face is beaming with joy probably at the back of his little mind his thinking score! I made mom eat lunch, but seriously at a young age he finally learnt the art of sharing, it made me happy and proud that my son almost two has learnt to share even the simplest things he has. He took his nap and woke up feeling energised as usual. He never bothered me while doing the tons of work I had to face that day, he just carried on playing on his own, kissing me from time to time and calling and checking up on me (isn’t it I should be doing the checking?). I almost lost the plot trying to figure out which goes where and his tiny hands were there to help me, I asked him to load the laundry in the machine and so he obliged.

I thought Terrible Two is something to be so cautious and crazy about but I am actually looking forward to it, I am looking forward to accomplish the milestones that are yet to come. Terrible two isn’t something to fear like an eternal abomination that is yet to happen, but actually it is something tolerable (or am I missing something here?). As far as I am concerned the meltdowns lessened a little bit or is it like a predator waiting for it’s prey? Whichever it is I’m sure I will not miss it, or is it happening because I suck being a mom, not!

Anyway, I will keep teaching him any meltdown it takes and as terrible it gets, or so the myth of terrible two says. Any thoughts?


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