16 months and counting..

Luke is 16 months and at the moment he is busy walking and talking. I just realized how fast he grows up and that I document his development meticulously. I write down his milestones and take gazillion photos so that I wouldn’t miss a thing. I even do special photo shoots so to compare how fast he’s growing. But then he becomes a toddler and everything goes super fast and makes me realize Really!?Luke knows how to do or say that?!When and how did it happen?! Sometimes I’m lost for words he surprises me every single day. Fortunately, Up to this moment I still take tons of photos of anything and everything he does. Sadly, I can officially say Luke is not a baby any more. I know I said I am recording milestones after the other, unfortunately I cannot tell you the exact time and day he had his first tooth although I can remember the month clearly because that was the very exact time he started biting my finger.

Luke is an amazing child although he is crazy about kids and currently hooked up to Peppa Pig especially George the pig and Thomas the tank engine, he is his own independent self. He babbles, he speaks his own language, plays his own game and walks around carrying his favorite book. He laughs when i make funny face or funny noise especially the Donald Duck voice. He kisses and hugs us like there is no tomorrow, Daddy however, is the master of book reading he can get Luke to sit and go through from one book to the next, and I feel oh lucky getting to watch them hang out together.

This morning Luke woke up at 4am, walked to our bed and gave mommy a kiss on the nose (well more of a lick) but hey, I am so grateful he did that and whispered mama, then up he goes to our bed and slept next to me, and he woke up at 7.30am. What a wonderful feeling to have a cheeky baby at home, makes me laugh most of the time.

He understands more and more every single day, although he comprehends more than he can communicate with us, but we are slowly getting there. He knows when to throw an erratic tantrum, when to cry and when to laugh, very dramatic. he loves pushing buttons in our precious remotes and switching the lights on and off.

Like mommy, Luke loves rice never a hit or miss whenever it’s offered, though he can be a bit picky..with fruits. Some days he loves strawberries other days he hates them. The only consistent likes are bananas (nana) and his applesauce with lemon and cinnamon.

Luke is really good in imitating us, and is able to repeat more words, and to top it all he is super expressive. He would shake his head no when he doesn’t want it anymore. His vocabulary is building every single day, he’ll walk around and speak his language, sits down holding a book (like when his dad reads him his book/s) and babbles to himself, it almost sounds like a fully involved conversation on his own.

Everywhere!  He’s starting to get faster and he’ll be running any day now.



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