Motherhood –> Where sanity matters :)

Do you remember those days when you feel like you just want to hibernate even when at work? Ever had those days when you can just explode to your anger and blame it to your raging hormones? And how about those days when you can pig out and sneak out in the early hours just to satisfy your cravings and nobody notices how big you are because they see the bump more? I thought so, I’ve been to all those stages. But right now when hibernation is impossible the old notorious you at work is now the slave of the hustler baby. Yes, the hustler, you know those hustle and buzzles at home especially when the little one is up before you (well, most of the time he wakes up before me), he pokes your eyes, licks your face, pulls your hair, mumbles like no end, yup and still you can’t get out of bed just because mothering a little baby is so freaking tiring. Freaking tiring yet rewarding. 

0 to 3 months- Easy peasy lemon squeezy (as mothers to be are told), simple question. WHY? complicated answer: WITH experience mum-  baby is usually asleep, cries when hungry, cries when wet or when nappy is soiled, yup just lying around snoozing, tummy time and milk milk milk milk milk. WITHOUT experience mum- yeah baby is easy they are always sleeping. That’s what I have been told as well, babies are always sleeping although that’s a fact nobody told me about the freaking witching hours when baby just cries from 3 or 4 in the afternoon and stops at 5 or 6pm, when you are about to lose your sanity. You know when you just want to cry because you don’t know what’s wrong with your baby, that kind of thing is so stressful. Nobody told me that breastfeeding can be painful, someone told me yup when the baby cries offer your freaking breast, right and so I did and when I thought I was doing it properly then you have to think about latching, and be careful of your drugs (medication not cocaine people!) and so on. My god, those where the most precious times of motherhood because you just had a baby, yet they are the most stressful and mind blowing times of my life, I was about to lose it. I thought yup I’m losing my job and I’m losing sleep and I’m nearly losing my sanity. And so the baby story goes on.

3 to 6 months- exciting times. I had the most exciting three to six months experience with my baby. At three months he was rolling over back to front ( kinda cool!), so as a mum you have to put pillows everywhere, you know health and safety thing. At three months we had our first family long haul flight from UK to the Philippines, awesome? yes indeed, except when people gives you dirty looks when baby cries during landing and take off and when the baby is bored and you know those eyes that makes you uncomfortable when your breastfeeding and you just want to poke them and shout like what the hell is wrong with you, man I’m feeding my baby could you please look at your own thing. But hey you can’t because if you do so they might throw you 35,000 ft above the ground so better just tame your mouth and get as much blankets as you want, there are pervs in flight most of the time anyway! (eyes rolling front back at the moment) (tryna catch my breath). So the story continues, at four months I have offered Luke solids, yup solids, most people will say but that’s too young, this that whatever, I don’t give a damn anymore you know when you’re a new mum they give you different advices and they just try to confuse you, well, I realised just pretend to listen and say yes and no and that whatever, then do your own thing because you know your baby more than them lot! Imagine him being with you 24/7, anyway, so I gave him solids without restrictions and now I have a happy baby, at five months Luke learnt to roll over front back front and sat without support, milestones! at five months he has been sleeping through the night. At six months he’s crawling, so you know child proofing and all, no big deal mummy is a fast learner, and Luke is eating 3 times a day with dessert (yogurt or custard) and is now singing, of course I won’t forget about teething,Just let him chew anything and everything, i even gave him carrots,bitter gourd, biscuits and all and I can say teething is hit and miss so use your instinct to deal with it, so happy baby = to happy mummy,woohoo!big hug for myself.

6 to forever- feeling jittery– plenty of discoveries along the way yet if many will offer advices I shall do my own thing hehe.. You know that line in toy story TO INFINITY AND BEYOND! yup well that should be your motto in raising a child haha! Looking forward to more milestones to come and more experiences to add up in my motherhood experience, can’t wait to lose and regain my sanity. 🙂 


My little munky:)


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