three months and counting

Its been almost four months since my little one was born and I am suprised how much he’s grown. I love him to bits and won’t ask for anything more, although motherhood has its own ups and downs, from almighty screams to peaceful nights, looking back few months ago I used to dread the sleepless nights and endless nappy changing, the things I used to hate are now part of the new chapter in my life, motherhood. I never thought I have this hidden strength in me, now I am getting more of everything, nappy changing (even more), more feed(s) (yes he eats like a monster),screams instead of soft cries, and yes lots and lots of babbling instead of just looking around, since he has been settling and getting into routine I quite realised how much I’ve missed my bed the once I had a relationship with. But getting used to being up and about has caused me to break up with my old routine and since I’ve been getting lots of sleep now I am hating the awful sleep hangover. My poor little body has been used to sleep deprivation. Motherhood welcomes you in a hard but lovely way.

I’ve been down at the high street with my little one this afternoon and at 3 months he certainly knows what he wants, yes my little rascal is vocal in such a way. I went inside the toy shop to check onto something which I might get for my friend’s son, upon seeing the toy that looks some sort of a mini laptop I was checking on he smiled and kept quiet for some time, then when we were about to leave I heard the almighty scream, at that point I wanted to melt to where I was standing. I asked him what’s the matter (as if he will respond), and cried even more. I showed him the mini laptop which actually is called a leaptop, he immediately smiled. And so I’ve realised he wants me to buy the £16 worth of leaptop (I can’t even get myself a £2.50 book from the Oxfam) and so mummy trying to avoid conflict and leaptop saved the day. Which in fact he showed his daddy that he’s keen to learn and yes he loves it and starts pressing button after button.

In my conclusion I can say sanity and motherhood are directly proportional.

Happy parenting to all


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