Time Check.

As boredom eats most of my days, I recently realized making the most of it isn’t hard at all. As they say time is the most valuable resource, sometimes we think we’re losing all of it and not making anymore of it. It’s sobering to think every moment that passes, is a moment we’ll never get back again.

Well, as they say life is too short to worry, anything that isn’t a life experience time with family of friends, or time spent day dreaming should be called into question.

That being lonely. the little time wasters that sneaks from time to time such as tweets, texts, emails, notifications and meetings, always finds its way back into our routines.

Every Once in a while i have to re assess my time, how i manage it then hit the productivity button and if not satisfied from the achieved productivity i then hit my reset button and re assess any potential developments or probably improvements.

It is important to spend the time we have and to spend them wisely, accomplishing something of note. It is essential to re invent yourself at a time and do them well.

I always make sure I am on top of the self inventive projects or goals that I wanted to achieve, This is indeed important because I find that time fits into One of three of my self made categories, these are 
essential time

back up time

waste of time

“essential time” means you’re in the zone and actively working on your goal, focused on the most essential task to achieve the active goal.

“back up time” are the necessary emails, tweets, texts and calls even meetings to do the work and achieve your long term goals.

 “Waste of time” is the unnecessary emails, tweets, texts, calls, articles, Youtube videos and meetings.

As what I have said in order to achieve the achievable we need to identify our long term goals and commit on them. Decide on certain projects and think ahead what’s best to do and set a back bone of productivity, then point out things that can make the goal achievable, such as focusing on the necessary rather than on the unnecessary.

Just keep your heads up and think you are the best

I tend to be my sharpest in the early part of the day, this is the time when I need to be planning, writing even coding for my essentials. In my opinion we are only capable of a few hours of maximum productivity within the day and I’d rather spend those times doing the things that are most important as well as plan my long term goals. The unnecessaries can wait until the the end of the day. 

I have carefully planned my downtime and my personal recovery throughout the day, I’m still able to focus and be productive not as the same level as Iam in the morning, the afternoon tends to be boring so before jump starting to another task, I refresh by walking and re thinking of improving myself. The afternoon as usual is good for learning, tackling with my essentials and so on.

Knowing that I was trained to focus all throughout the day because a single error at work can make a huge discrepancy in our system and that of our patient’s health. I think when I perform best has been a huge factor for my career. It’s hard to keep the routine and the discipline acquired from my Senior’s but it is entirely necessary. You need to know yourself, your goals, and you’re identity when you are at your best. I promise it will help to set the impossibility of a certain routine not because you are a stay at home mum or a new mum you will lose track of all your precious acquired essential routines.

Be selfish and inaccessible
Don’t think or care of what people think around us, don’t try to be someone you are not, or genuinely want to be someone that can be counted on to be there for our teammates especially on intricacies, I tell you this will be the start of abuse in the work environment.The problem with this is that there are no boundaries and you’ve left yourself vulnerable to distractions and not getting anything critical done. They will rely on you so much that you get all the stress just to get something done. Being selfish at work is not bad at all, just keeping the boundaries at a certain distance.

In the end, you and your team only truly want one thing: that you get your work done. Educating yourself and the people you work with on how to maximize “essential time”, will help you set boundaries and hold your time sacred. 

The fact of the matter is that people respect those that command it. Be someone that is disciplined with your time and be sure to let everyone know it. What you do with your time is crucial and we can’t make it up like we tend to try to tell ourselves we can.

Since I’ve been on maternity leave I made sure to use these points to keep my time in check. It’s a very difficult thing to do because there is so much opportunity out there and so many cool things to do (to watch, read, and discuss).

I hope that these have flipped some light switches in your own mind and that they’ve provided the start of a new productivity strategy for you.

Be smart and disciplined with your time. It will really show by the end of next year.

So now heads up and start re thinking of your goals and your productivity levels.


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