Thou shall not complain

Almost nearing the finish line and will see my little new resident. Nobody ever warned me of the disgusting/ funny/ emotional roller coaster ride i have to experience towards the end. Maybe, just maybe they actually warned me but I am good with paying less attention to details and end up complaining of who’s and who’s not to be blamed. False contractions got me in bed the whole day today, with pains and aches all over my body. Moodiness, grumpiness, queasiness and everything that ends with -ness name and it shall be acknowledged, has been confusing me today, the sudden urge to go to the bathroom even my emotions are confusing, it’s not that I am unfriendly or something but everything is just going downhill. My tummy aches like hell all those tightenings and pin like twitches are so unbearable. What more in labor?

Waddling (walking like a penguin). GJ for the nth time has been telling me that i walk strangely funny enough he was embarassed to say that i walk like a penguin. I’m wondring will he even cope if there’s a head lying and working its way down between his legs? Have you ever tried horse riding for four hours? that’s how i feel at the moment.

Lightining Crotch. Have you ever felt like there is a bolt of lightning running up your private parts? I told you I’m not good in paying attention especially to details until this lovely resident of mine decided to head butt my cervix and I learned how to start screaming obscenities like i had a movie version of Tourettes. There is no warning no nothing, as it comes you may not be able to control the lovely words that comes out your mouth. Good luck!

Braxton Hicks. basically it’s just about your belly tightening up in preparation for labor which may last up to 6 seconds, but as the term comes right through the end, it’s becoming more distinctively annoying and frequent. They are fake contractions / practice contractions but it worries me because my belly might explode just anytime, then what do i do?

Leaking. The most common territory of being pregnant is urine leakage, you laugh and you leak, I never used to use pads and now they are my new love. Leaking up there and leaking down there i wish you can just put cello tape or probably a duct tape to stop the leakage.

Hibernation. You wouldn’t talk to anyone and you are just contented to eat, sleep and stay in bed. You know like Panda’s do, eat and sleep.

Back Pains. I get these pains all the time, there isn’t any comfortable position in sleeping anymore, I tried sleeping while sitting- doesn’t help, sleeping on my left and right side- nope doesn’t help, sleeping on my back- my belly is too heavy, I don’t know what else to do but it seems like my little resident is sleeping well while I’m struggling, how about sleeping like a bat, head down..hmmm.. interesting.

Eating for Two. That is not really true my eating habits has changed recently, from eating for the whole british army to eating for Luke, I still eat like a hippo but regret it afterwards, reflux and indigestion are my new enemies. I can’t digest my food as much as I used to during the second trimester and now completely restrains my waddling. I wish I could do what penguins do slide through their bellies.

I am a little bit moany but well to be honest I couldn’t be any happier.When baby moves, or has the hiccups, there’s this immense feeling of love that makes you completely forget about your swollen feet and achy hips. And you think about the fact that in such a short amount of time you’re going to meet this perfect creation — and all those crazy and embarrassing symptoms seem 100 percent worth it.

I can’t believe I’m in my third trimester already! I feel like I have so much to do in preparation for my son’s arrival.


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