Random thoughts

Okay I don’t think I owe an explanation for writing such crazy title, but hey at the moment my mind is wandering elsewhere while resting after a long day at work.


I weighed myself and almost fainted when i found out I’ve gained a few kilos and yes I stood in front of the mirror and oh dear I look like a tiny whale, anyway, i have an excuse to gain weight because I’m eating for two or shall we say for the whole british army.


Over the past months he’s been so supportive to my hormonal mood swings, and now that Man- United is losing or shall we say lost the game, he’s so grumpy worst than the pregnant dude somewhere. Why do men love football so much? I mean what’s the point of watching it if you’ll be grumpy in the end. Oh well, men are as temperamental as women I mean yes worst than women sometimes. (shaking my head, and I am really confused)

Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese and yet I am Filipino

Okay I was on the train and someone spoke to me in chinese, oh well yeah obviously I gave her the What the heck are you talking about look, and the poor thing is expecting to get a good conversation from me, how does she mean? ehhhh..ahhh..yes! bye!:)

Indian, how am i suppose to look one? the last time I actually checked was this morning while combing my hair and so far I am still Filipino. How is that even possible?hmmm..tricky.

Vietnamese, oh dear I’ve no idea at all, do i really?


Oh dear there’s one crazy lady she asked me hey I didn’t know you’re pregnant, with a serious look I cracked a joke that my boss almost pissed himself, I told her, I’m not pregnant and I just had a baby, oh god the lady almost cried apologizin (trying not to give her my evil laugh)


oh yes! that’s what I like most in fact that’s my favorite past time (feels like heaven just thinking about it), I love whatever the little resident is requesting from time to time.

Why do I think I’m fat? because I eat big frequent meals and unlike any other pregnant ladies I don’t get heartburn and inidgestion, hooray for that! Non stop eating is a fab, and i just love it. And so yes I’ve been good today, probably because it’s sunny outside, In fact bright and sunny days makes me smile.

And so I’m on my 25th week of my pregnancy while writing my random thoughts oh dear, it;s amazing it’s gone really quick and before you know it my little Luke will be our little cheeky explorer.

Im excited and scared. Wish me luck:)



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