Moany Pharmacist

Alright, bye for pregnancy blog for now and hello to the real life business then, Fine, I almost killed someone today with my counting tray, spatula and half a measure of concentrated methadone- Don’t tell me you haven’ t thought of doing it, don’t you play it clean.

There is a tiny fact that when a patient brings in a script we start to dipsense them but hey yes we assess and think too. If you bring 10 prescriptions with 5 items in each forms obviously we will check and make sure all items are in stock otherwise we will notify you and ask you if you’re okay to come back next day as they have to be ordered. But some dim- wits don’t think about that they get their scripts for free, THANK YOU NHS and JOB CENTRE- IAM CLAIMING BENEFITS so I don’t give a shit. For some reasons, they think they need it now and when you ask them to come back next day they come back next month. And when you tell them it’s not a usual item that you get on prescription they moan and abuse you, well yes! that’s my job to moan and ask my dumb-ass patients to get the fuck out of my sight or i’ll throw all the bloody sharps bin in their faces.

They don’t think that employees gets paid with money gained from dispensing their bloody medication, some would complain oh this is cheaper to get to Sainsbury’s then why the hell did you come here and ask us to dispense your medication. Then ask if we can dispense a bloody portion of your medication and take the rest to some other chemist and will be surprised when you say no, some dim-witted sack of shit. It’s only in England where you can get the liberty to request and get your preferred medication, just because the orange coloured liquid gives you migraine that’s why you prefer to have the transparent liquid, shall you just drink water then so you won’t get migraines, or probably close your eyes when you’re taking it bloody hypochondriac. And did the drug-mother fairy made the drugs for free, oh well yes, benefits isn’t it. Did the Apple tree had a bunch of crap crops and so we’re giving everything away for free now? Think people, think! Think before you act, and put your acts together before making your shit non-sense complaints. (*fuming!) I am two minutes away in putting those suppositories into their noses and the drug bottles up their butts.

Not only that after dispensing somewhat a portion of the dispensary they will ask you to give their scripts back and they will take it to another pharmacy just because you din’t have one item in stock. After spending half of your day dispensing it and ordering the item needed, he/she wants the script back. Honestly, sometimes I just want to drill in their thick skulls and make them understand the concept of labour, but to the point I’ve reached my saturation point and I have reached my boiling point I just want them to leave immediately or I will throw all the dispensed medication right in their faces. Idiot! I could have spent more time helping patients who actually have their senses together, I don’t give a shit whether if you’re on benefits (well as usual they are) excuse that you just have to be mean to us and get whatever you want. These people sometimes are time wasters they don’t give a damn shit about other people who might be wanting and needing our help and that we have more things to do rather than messing around and typing in front of the computer.

Okay so that’s basically it is and I feel better now, a lot better.

So I pretended trying to help the shithead and ask her to come to the shittiest chemist in the area, when she came back that afternoon I made sure that she waited for at least 2 hours for the prescription to be filled, one hour for wasting my time dispensing it and one hour for being a craphead. And in the end, I only gave her two items she needed out of the 13 items on prescription. Reasons:

1. She pissed me of badly

2. I told her we did a massive prescription and dispensed it for someone else (who’s more deserving)- obviously the items are just on the shelves.

I’m glad my boss stood at my side and we ruined someone’s day. So next time be good to you pharmacist, dispenser or technician as you actually need their help and we don’t tolerate bullshits in the chemist.

Your lovely pharmacist



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