Ms Grumpy pants

Some bantering i get from the lovely GJ, grumpy pants he says! In pregnancy the ever famous culprits are our lovely hormones, just when I thought I was over the morning sickness, hot flushes, horrible mood swings and emotional appeal to the world about anything and everything. I cry about simple things, from being hungry to being unable to sleep. I’m becoming more like a child each and every single day, like a child begging for candies. I get upset for no ridiculous reason.

One moment I’m head over heels with GJ then hate him after a while. I find myself snapping at GJ for little reasons, such as not listening to me (when he obviously does!), or when he asks questions or repeats the tasks i wanted him to do. I guess picking on him is the most common thing I’ve always enjoyed doing plus it is my way of releasing my frustrations, I really didn’t mean to fly off the handle most of the time but I’m sure he knows.

Well Mr. endorphins is well hidden somewhere that’s why Mrs. Estrogen is in the limelight to take the credits for me being grumpy pants. I am trying to exercise as much as I can from walking to and fro the pharmacy, dispensing and having a massive conersation with my rude patients. I love the conversations at work especially if the patient doesn’t even have a clue whats he/she’s on about.

It’s quite bizarre when Mrs. Estrogen is on its peak causing emotional outbursts and grumpiness, her along with Mr. progestorene carries on confusing my little body with his magical happy bunny transformations.

Not only the sky high hormones or the happy bunny mood, it’s the random fuelled nightmares I also get. From worrying how the little one is doing to nightmares, vivid nightmares from the past or from which hasn’t even happened and are impossible to happen, many thanks Mr. and Mrs hormones you’ve succeeded in confusing my little being.

My complexion has improved all throughout the pregnancy, but my hair, oh my hair, I thought it just stopped growing and became lank, then after awhile it grew up like a weird and electrocuted weed. From looking like Morticia Addams to looking like grandmama, dear oh dear, it just won’t cooperate.

Horrible constipation from one day to weeks you just won’t and can’t go, despite on the reasonable eating habits, when i say reasonable I mean to say eating like a construction worker, you just won’t stop from munching from little snacks to big fat meals, and apparently the digestive system is relaxing and doesn’t do a single thing to help me go. Dear oh dear it’s gonna be really worst when I
pass it out my system it’s like the declaration of third world war or they might mistakenly say there’s a nuclear test in my area.

And so yes my boobs are like world maps, the veins are more prominent and they tripled in size, oh my goodness, lucky for some eh!

The random cravings banana with mustard is a fave, fabric softener maybe?And now I am learning to sneeze while trying to cross my legs and my pelvic floor clinging for potential accidents, oh dear that’s the worst thing that could happen at work.

And now I have to cope with the baby practicing martial arts, oh yes yes not only that by all means my insatiable urge to chat and annoy GJ is a massive YES for me. I love pissing him off from putting my leg to the most delicate thing at home to pestering him while he’s at work.

But most of all, I love staring at GJ when he’s sleeping peacefully and thinking to myself, in few months time you’ll be a daddy and make sure you’ll wake up and look after the baby, change his/her nappy and feed him, comfort him/her when he/ she’s upset.

Seriously I am lucky as GJ understands every bits and pieces I am going through the whole of my pregnancy, he’s been so supportive even from my highs and especially my lows. I am
really proud of him and Now i can say One hug isn’t enough to show him how I appreciate his efforts, from satisfying my cravings to comforting me in times when I needed him.

Three and a half months from now and our little one will change our lives forever πŸ™‚

Happy pregnancy to all πŸ™‚


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