To my Bree-lliant niece

“My Bree-lliant niece you are growing like a beautiful butterfly, keep your beauty within you and all will be perfect. Remember the whole world is your oyster and you got an army behind you.”


The aftermath..and it’s good

“Since seeing things in a different perspective you’ll find out that the girl next to you or just happily sitting and listening to your wallowing and the person you’ve been neglecting is a new potential bestfriend, don’t let her go she is as precious as the one who got away. Of course what you had with previous one is different as the present one but that’s the fun of it we get to explore a diffferent side of us and re- learn to love thyself.”

Unkind friendship and it’s demise

“I have no illusions of reaching out and rekindling the relationship mainly because trust has been broken and that will take a signficant amount of time to resolve, and just the trauma I am going through. Now that I am going forwards damage and delight weaves itself with dark and light. “